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How to Clean Your Hair Straightener

Posted on: October 5, 2011

Clean Your Hair StraightenerHow to clean your hair straightener to be done right because the ceramic plates soiled from time to time and require cleaning. To ensure the best possible job, it is actually very important to clean your tools in normal hair.

It is important to perform regular cleaning, if you receive a commonly used hair straightener. Although clearly the best hair straightener on the market can be a bit of a challenge because the plane of the V-shaped steel

The best way to clean your hair straightener is recommended if you decide to buy a good dish. Using your iron if you use any item in the style, it is important to take a few minutes each time you use the iron.

As we know, iron hair and eventually stop functioning, due to the accumulation of beauty products and oils from the scalp. Clearing the plate is a simple process, does not need an expert to do it.

There are several things to consider if you pay attention to trying to find the best way to clean hair straighteners.

1. As a cleaner to evaporate before it has time to work, do not try to clean up while the iron is hot, if you use a spray cleaner such as alcohol hair straightener. You should make sure they are cold. Allow the liquid to penetrate the surface of cold steel for the whole world to choose to use as droplets.

2. Be sure to use a very soft cloth and spraying clothes with a proposal to clean the flat steel point. I’m sure you do not want to start making more-plate and all damage to the plate. Do not use household cleaners, as they generally contain abrasive particles.

3. To clean ceramic plates, use a clean cloth or paper towel. With cotton to carefully clean the small slot of the hair iron. Try small pieces of plate for the first time to clean your plate.

4. If you use hairspray, it creates a lot of buildup of iron in hair. To clean the small crevices, use a toothpick and dip track down an old toothbrush and scrub scrub ceramic plates.

The best way to clean hair iron can help you evaluate your hair from damage. If you see a small wound on ceramic plates that can cause damage, such as split ends of your hair catch.


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