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Airbrush Tanning Tips

Posted on: September 25, 2011

Airbrush Tanning Tips – What The Best

Airbrush Tanning TipsAirbrush tanning tips would be avoid you from the side effects of airbrush tanning. Even though, as we know that airbrush tanning offers a safe and effective a sun-kissed tan without harmful effects of the sun.

One of the best airbrush tanning tips you could have is using an airbrush gun. This could be a solution in to tiny particles that are aimed at the skin to cover it completely and evenly. The other tips is applied is through an airbrush tanning booth. This is shot through a series of hoses toward the tanner for even application.

Airbrush tanning tips – Airbrush Gun

Operated by a small turbo air compressor, it pushes the solution out of the nozzle. For proper coverage of the DHA solution, pressure regulator and gauge is there. For a consistent flow of solution, the spray gun also includes cups. For applying a lighter or heavier coat to particular client based on their needs, some airbrushes contain dual pressure regulators that make it easier.

Airbrush tanning tips – Solution

There is active ingredient, which is DHA that changes the color of the skin. With its reaction to amino acids in the skin cells, DHA darkens the skin. It is important to make sure that the DHA solution reaches all areas of the skin for maximum results.

Airbrush tanning tips – Longevity

Depend on the level of activity you participate in or how often you bath; airbrush tanning can last up to two weeks. IF you exfoliate often so that your airbrush tan not lasting as long as it might, since the DHA interacts with your dead skin cells as the dead skin cells to which the DHA has interacted with become sloughed off.

Understanding how airbrush tanning works will assist you to feel more comfortable with the procedure. After you read all airbrush tanning tips above, airbrush tanning may be a better choice if you love bronzed look of tan. You don’t need to sacrifice your health for it.


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